Slay Your Negative Emotions & Stories and Achieve Complete Success

by Michael OBrien, Executive Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Best Selling Author


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February 22nd, 2018 - 7pm Eastern


Are you tired of...

  • Being reactive to life's pressures
  • Feeling like you are faking it on the outside but stressed inside
  • Believing that everything is placed on your shoulders
  • Feeling guilty when taking personal time
  • Chasing success and happiness 

Are you Ready to Discover How to...

  • Make better decisions at work and in life 
  • Have more energy and honor your values
  • Delegate and enroll others in your vision
  • Find the personal time to become a more mindful leader
  • Realize complete success

Then this Webinar is for you!!!

My journey from my near death cycling accident helped me discover how to shift my story, build resilience, and realize complete success. Now I want to bring my process to you! 

How many times has your leadership potential been dampened by worry or fear? 

Does the internal conversation you have with yourself ever dictate how you feel about who you are, what you can accomplish, and what’s possible for you? Does it keep you from taking risks, being bold, and feeling confident?

Do you smile and fake it on the outside, but on the inside you’re plagued by a negative monologue of doubt and indecisiveness? 

It's ok - you are not the only one. 

Unfortunately, most people you meet at the office, at the gym, and even in your social groups are also battling emotions that hold them back from complete success. Many people call the voice in their head their monkey or lizard brain. Others call it their gremlin or inner critic. It doesn't matter what you call your little "friend." It’s a troublemaker whose only purpose is to prevent you from showing up as your full bad-ass you.  

But, what if, instead of tearing you down, your internal dialogue could help you respond differently and show up the way you desire?  

Sounds great, huh? Well it is great.  

I’ve figured out a way to minimize the power of the negative thinking and shift my mindset and live the life I truly wanted to live. And I want to share what I learned with you. 


Several years ago, before “My Last Bad Day,” I was a young sales and marketing executive who was caught on the non-stop treadmill of chasing happiness. I was frequently harassed by defeating self-talk. But, I ignored the truth well. If you had bumped into me at the playground swinging with my kids or at the gym, you’d never guess how stressed I felt on the inside. The truth is, I stayed busy and played the part, but I often felt unsure of myself.  

Outwardly, I had accumulated all the trappings of success: I had a great marriage; healthy, happy kids; a well paying corporate job; good friends. Life was good. Really good. 

But, I was drained from carrying on the charade and trying to hold it all together. I knew there had to be a better, easier way to live my life and still feel fulfilled, accomplished, and secure. 

I just didn’t know how to get there. If you are like most of my corporate clients, you are probably nodding your head in agreement right now. You may think that stress is just the price of admission - that's why they pay you, right? 

I thought that as well. 

You, too, may carry around a harsh inner voice who causes you to not trust yourself, your skills, your experience, and your intuition. Every time it shows up, it takes you away from your potential.  

That cloud of doubt caused even the trivial annoyances at work or in my private life to trigger me. It felt natural for me to be routinely in fight or flight mode. I would make up stories that ultimately influenced my actions and kept me from the success I wanted to see. The incongruence in my outer and inner worlds prevented me from being the best husband, father, and leader I could be.  

Then, something happened that literally knocked me on my ass and changed my life. Now, I break my life down into two distinct time periods: Before My Last Bad Day and 6,000+ days since.  

But, before I tell you about that, let me introduce myself.  

My name is Michael O’Brien. I’m a certified Executive Coach, Speaker, and author and bestselling of Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows which donates all its proceeds to charity, World Bicycle Relief.  

In my coaching company, I help sales and marketing executives who are juggling it all slay the internal feelings of worry and doubt so they can accomplish complete success. 

Like you, I worked in the corporate world as a sales and marketing leader for 22 years. I climbed the ladder of success to the executive suite, juggled my time and attention, and walked the tightrope of balancing my work life and home life. Yeah, I was down in the trenches with the best of them.  

Until, without warning, it all stopped. That’s when I learned what truly matters most, and developed a system that helped me shift my story and actions so I could deliver better results. 

My Last Bad Day:

I was on an early morning cycling training ride when I nearly died from a head-on collision with an SUV. As I laid on the asphalt waiting for the medical trauma helicopter to MEDEVAC me to the nearest trauma center, I told myself that if I lived to see tomorrow, my life would be different.  

During the early phases of my several years of recovery, I continued my event-trigger-story cycle. My emotions, as you would expect, consumed me. It caused me to only see what wasn’t working around me. Listening to my self talk was a bad habit that I couldn't quit. Yes, my life was different, but not in the way that I desired. It was a dark time for me. Again, I knew there was a better way, but I was unsure how to get there.  

Then one day, I was in a physical rehabilitation session and I had an ah-ha moment or shift, as I call it, that woke me up. It was like a cold-water splash to my face.  

My realization ultimately changed the way I thought about myself, my situation, and my life. This shift in mindset helped me physically and emotionally recover from my injuries, and fueled my immersion back into my corporate career. Eventually, it helped me create my executive coaching company and has led to greater personal growth, resilience, and happiness.  

Now I want to bring my system to you.  

It starts with learning to become aware and allowing space for your inner critic so you can ultimately choose a different story that can propel your forward.  

That’s why I created this webinar, to help you shift your limiting beliefs and stories that hold you back. 

Why you need to Shift your Story

Like most executives and leaders you are running, juggling, and trying to make it all work. You are too busy hustling to think about how your mindset and intentions affect your outcomes.  

But you are also only human, which means worry and doubt can be a negative weight on your conversations, relationships, and success. Left unchecked, your limiting beliefs will show up and get in the way of your success. And they always seem to have a knack of bad timing by showing up...

  • During a big pitch, presentation, or opportunity 
  • Rebounding after a setback, a diagnosis, or harsh feedback 
  • Preparing for a difficult conversation with a team member, boss, or loved one
  • Securing your next promotion or better salary 

Slay Your Negative Emotions & Stories and Achieve Complete Success

This webinar will show you how to shift your personal story so you can...

  • Make better decisions to drive career and life success
  • Have more energy to honor your values 
  • Delegate and enroll others in your purpose
  • Find the personal time to become a more mindful leader
  • Realized complete success  


In other words, this webinar will show you how to create better tomorrows by achieving more control over the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

So, are you ready???  

Who Would Benefit from this Webinar? 

  • Sales and Marketing Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs and Freelancers
  • Professionals looking to establish their personal brand

What People Have To Say? 

  • "I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael since 2004. While working with him, I benefited from his expertise and leadership in many ways. While we haven't worked together in a few years, I continue to benefit from his insights by reading his weekly newsletters. I feel his is right there coaching me like over a decade ago. I finally had a chance to read his new book! Michael knows exactly how to turn potential into action - within himself and in others. His individual strengths and values are shared through his stories. I highly recommend it!
  • "Working with Michael over the past 6 months has changed my life. I was looking for someone who would assist with a few professional challenges I was having however, his unique approach to issues has afforded me the opportunity to change the way I look at both business and professional challenges or "opportunities" that come. I am convinced that I have seen my last bad day and I am excited about what's ahead. Keep assisting us to "Storm the castle". We need it."
  • "His engaging presentation style – infused with humor, wit and real-world insight – and inspirational message about the choices we have each day to fully engage with life and outperform in all areas of our life really resonated with employees. Feedback from the meeting was overwhelmingly positive. We hope to work with Michael again in the future." 

I'm Michael OBrien

Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author.